Non-Profits We Support

We are proud to support Stella’s Shelter Fund and Cloud Covered Streets.

Stella’s Shelter Fund is a non-profit that helps underfunded shelters in Idaho. They provide assistance in getting the shelter pets medical care, getting the pets adopted out, and saving animals in overcrowded shelters from being euthanized. Full Fuse creates various paw print products, and these profits go to support Stella’s Shelter Fund.

Cloud Covered Streets is a non-profit organization in Arizona that assists the homeless population. They provide essential packages with shirts, toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, shampoo and conditioner, snacks, and water. Cloud Cover Streets also will go out and give shoes to individuals facing homelessness. Right now they are currently working on a traveling bathroom for individuals in need. We support Cloud Covered Streets with our angel ornaments, so all of those profits go towards this wonderful organization.