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What is Fused Glass?

The definition of fused glass is right there in the name. Fused glass is two or more pieces of glass heated to temperatures ranging from 1300 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit in a kiln. At these temperatures, the layers of glass melt together to create a new beautiful piece of work.

Artists can use a multitude of methods to create a fused glass piece. The most common method is starting with a sheet of glass and cutting it down to the shape and size they want. They are also able to use glass powders, thin metal sheets, frit (small rocks of glass), and other items to create on of a kind pieces. 

These combinations of glass and other elements can be fired in a kiln to manipulate its shape and appearance. Some pieces that are more complex may be fired five to eight times before the artist has completed the piece.

There are any number of products that can be created with fused glass including wall art, sink bowls, vases, plate sets, bowls and dishes, and other artistic designs. The artist is limited only by their imagination.

What is Repurposed Glass?

Millions of glass bottles get thrown away every year, just to end up in land fills. Instead of letting this cycle continue, Full Fuse has partnered with various restaurants and wine shops throughout Idaho. We use these bottles to create, glasses, candles, platters, and other custom pieces.

In order to create these pieces the labels must be removed from the glass, and then the creative process starts. For our glasses and candles, we cute our bottles with a saw (do not try that at home, we have very specific equipment to do this process safely). We then grind down our pieces to ensure they are safe to the touch, and from there we fire polish the glasses to add that final professional touch.

Our glasses and candles have custom etchings that are each done by hand to ensure the best quality. We do custom orders for weddings, businesses, gifts, and much more! Make sure to fill out our contact form under the custom orders page to get your order started.

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